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Appointment Setting for business

Appointment Setting — Our goal is to keep your sales staff out of the office. We will spend the time on the phone getting the appointment. This will allow your sales people to concentrate on what they do best — sell!

Lead Generation — Turn your suspects into prospects. We contact target populations to gauge interest levels and needs. This will provide your sales staff with a constant supply of prospective new clients.

Data Base Clean-up — who is the correct contact within an organization? A Good data base clean-up program will update and confirm pertinent information as well as correctly identify the real decision makers for your products or services.

Low Volume Account Management — 80% of a client customer base generates 20% of overall revenues. Typically these customers do not receive much individual attention, and easy opportunities are missed. Combined with a clean-up call we can help you increase business with these small customers, keep records current, retain current business, and generate new business.

Market Survey — A client is interested in customer satisfaction. What are their strong points? Where are they weak? A Market Survey with questions designed to provide the input needed to make proper adjustments and, or revisions is essential.

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